Pot Luck

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We are celebrating our 1st birthday!

Thanks to all of you who follow God’s Word Girl.  It is my sincere prayer that through our year’s journey together you have been blessed, challenged, taught, amused, and increased in the revelation of God’s love and what He has for you.  I know I have.  I especially thank those of you who have written comments of encouragement.  (Email subscribers, if you cannot view your comments and/or my replies and want to, they can be seen on the site.)

In honor of this special occasion, I offer my thanks to you in the form of a bit of creative writing.  The idea came from bracelets that Laura and Beth made with Mum for craft shows.  They strung miscellaneous, leftover beads on multiple strands and then twisted the strands together.  They’re so diverse, colorful and pretty.  (Directions as to how to make them can be googled under the title “soup bracelets” or “bead soup”.)  At my suggestion, Mum tagged their creations, “Pot Luck” and thus came the inspiration for this writing:

Pot Luck

Life can be a lot like pot luck.  We never know for sure who’s going to show or what dish they’re going to bring.

You may see the cousin you haven’t seen for a while, the one who’s much more like a brother.  Could be you’ll see your favorite auntie who spoiled you as kid and still lavishes you with love.  Perhaps you’ll see the uncle with the sense of humor that draws everyone like a bee to pollen.  It may be that we’ll find ourselves lost in conversation with a friend that we deem a sister.  Maybe we’ll find ourselves laughing at the antics of the kids, reveling in the sage wisdom of the aged, or (and we’ve all done it) avoided the annoying. 🙂

There are magical occasions when we meet someone for the very first time and we feel like we’ve known them our whole life long.  We just know that no matter the time or the distance, theirs will be the conversation that can be picked up no matter where let off.

Yes, life is a lot like Pot Luck.  We never know who’s going to show or what dish they’re going to bring.

lunch table
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Some dishes are tart or bitter, much like the hurting people we know.  There will be the bland, take-it-or-leave-it concoctions that resemble many of the mundane things in life that aren’t enjoyable but must be done.

There are the comfort foods, the ones that satisfy our palate as much as our hunger.  These are the foods we can have heaping servings of and still go back for seconds.  Then there are the sweet and the rich foods that melt in our mouths.  Every spoonful is to be savored.  These dishes are much like our dear ones with whom we create priceless memories.

People and dishes come and go and change over the course of time.  No one and nothing remains the same…except for God, “Who changes not”, the Great Host who invites us to, “Come and dine”.

Is life difficult despite Him?  Yes.  And yet He brings to the table the comfort foods, the sumptuous treats, and “life everlasting”.  Thanks be to Jesus Who came to offset all of the mundane and bitter things in life that would wear us down or crush us. Thanks be to Jesus that He left us Holy Spirit and all of His wonderful fruits!

The Pot Luck of life isn’t all pleasant, for sure, but God did promise to make all things work together for good for those who love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose.  Praise Him!

I’m so incredibly blessed to have you in this great big Pot Luck called Life.  You are to me a comfort and a sweet.  You are so very precious to me I’m so thankful for what you bring.

  ~Christi Marie


Join me today in thanking and singing praise to our benevolent Father for the family, friends, and the righteous leaders and teachers that are part of the Pot Luck of our lives.  God is good.

O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.  Psalm 136:1  KJV

A Diet Unlike Any Other

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Most people I know don’t usually think about dieting until after the holidays but I thought I’d get ahead of the game by beginning now.  I’m diving in with a couple of relative stories.  Bear with me.  This diet will revolutionize your life if done properly.

We now have a white cat hanging around.  Seems we’re running a half-way house for strays.  I saw it limping in our yard and discretely put out some food for it.  I asked Bob if he saw it and he said, “Yes!” with some disgust.  He had went out to our partially enclosed basement entryway and there was the cat.

“It was out of the box eating.  It hissed at me,” he said.  How well do I know my man?  I had the exact same thought that he spoke out loud to the cat before he even told me.  “I said, ‘Don’t you hiss at me.  You’re sleeping in my cat box, eating my cat food, so don’t you hiss at me!'”

Got me to thinking about the Israelites in the backside of the desert on the way to the Promised Land.  God had been and was in the process of meeting their every need but it wasn’t enough for them.  In the words of the stray, “Hiss-s-s!”  In our language, complain, Complain, COMPLAIN!  Until finally, the LORD’s cup was full of it.  Moses told the whiny lot of them:

“When the Lord heard your complaining, he became very angry. So he solemnly swore, ‘Not one of you from this wicked generation will live to see the good land I swore to give your ancestors, except Caleb son of Jephunneh. He will see this land because he has followed the Lord completely. . .’ ”  Deuteronomy 1:34-36  NLT

(By the way, Joshua, son of Nun, was also permitted to enter the Promised Land along with Caleb, but everyone else, nope.)  Just think of it, a whole generation exempted from their land because of their complaining.  Lest we think complaining is of little consequence, let us remember the Israelites’ lesson.  Then again, before we’re too hard on them, let’s take a peek in the New Testament:

But Jesus replied, “Stop complaining about what I said. . .”  John 6:43  NLT

Whoa, wait.  You mean people were still complaining?!  I wonder if He said that in the same tone I would have said that to my children…?

A couple of months ago, my daughters and I were in a circle of prayer with Mum.  As the Spirit directs, she is sometimes used in words of knowledge.  She looked at Beth and said, “You are to go on a diet.”

Her sisters and I immediately chuckled.  It seemed fitting that the girl we dubbed “the food police”, due to looking for ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and high grams of sugar, was being instructed to go on a diet.  After my initial amusement I was excited. Beth has had periodic bouts with acne that have ripped at her self esteem.  I thought, Wow, the LORD is going to give her a specific diet and she will be healed. 

Beth began to complain.  (Ah, people are still complaining.  Seems a chronic fault of the human race.)  The girls detest when we’re eating certain foods or taking specific herbs to deal with health issues.

“This isn’t a diet like you think,” Mum said, smiling.  “The LORD wants you to go on a diet of praise.  No more complaining.”

I was ready to shout “HALLELUJAH!”  Out of my 3 children, Beth is most likely to complain.  She picked up the nasty habit from her rather lovely mother 😉 .  And it is quite annoying.

Her edict to praise could not have come at a better time.  Soon after, our household was in an emotional uproar.  My heart had been broken, and as women are generally born sympathizers, the girls were feeling my pain.  We were all voicing our pain and our angst.  Except for Beth.

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I could see her huffing while slamming dishes around in the sink.  “Praise the LORD,” Beth grumpily said.  “That’s all I can say because I’m not allowed to complain.  Of all times not to be allowed to complain.”  Then she shut up, continuing to take her anger out on the dishes.

I burst out laughing.  Indeed, “of all times” for the LORD to call my lovely would-be complainer to a diet of praise.  It was the perfect time.  Somehow, laughing out loud righted the world.  The emotional pain I felt eased and I had hope.  It was like the sun broke through in the middle of a long dark night.

Life is hard.  But there is always something to be thankful for.  If you’re reading this, you can see, you have modern technology (for better or worse 🙂 ), and I have a notion you have a heart seeking after God.  And why was Caleb permitted to enter the Promised Land when an entire generation was not?  “…because he has followed the Lord completely…”  He didn’t complain, he trusted the LORD, and was ready to fight for the promise that was given.  We’re on the right path.  Let’s not mess it up by complaining!

Gratitude may not take inches from our physical problem areas, but it will remove great weights from our shoulders.  There’s much to be said for the peace of mind that comes from giving it all to the One who holds it all.

Join me today in looking at our problems through the lens of praise and see them for the opportunities they could be if left in the LORD’s capable hands.  I truly believe that we are surrounded by impossible people and situations that have “Miracle” written all over them…and miracles are what they’ll become if we’ll handle them with trust and praise.  May we continue to walk humbly with our Savior remembering that all things are possible with God.  We were never meant to do this alone and praise is what transports us into His presence so we never need to.  Bless His holy name!

Let the shackles fall off today as we join Go Fish in singing praise to our LORD.

Do everything without complaining and arguing, so that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people.  Philippians 2:14-15  NLT

Light, Glorious Light

person about to touch the pendant lamp
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Through the coldest of winter months, our main source of heat is a coal furnace.  Anyone familiar with coal knows that it’s dusty.  You haven’t had dust until you’ve had coal.  Oh, it makes wonderful heat.  It’s so nice to have warm floors.  But the incessant dusting, yuck.

Recently, I enlisted the girls to clean all of the ceiling fan/light fixtures downstairs.  My dad commented on how dirty the kitchen one was in particular, which I took note of because he also has coal heat.  So I figured if he was commenting on how dirty it was it must be really dirty.  The kitchen fixture was a special trial as we had grease mixed with (coal) dust.  Grease-fighting dish detergent and baking soda were the choice cleaners as each fan blade was removed and scrubbed in the kitchen sink.  What a mess!  But then…

LIGHT!  I had no idea how dark our rooms had been until the globes were removed and scrubbed and replaced.  Light, glorious light.

I was sharing this story with a friend of mine and she began to laugh.  She and her family had been to another friend’s apartment in the same living complex as them.  She commented on how bright her friend’s living room was.  Theirs was dark and had to be lighted with lamps.  Her friend seemed amused.

“You have the same lights as me.  Just adjust them to where you want them to shine.”

My friend was in denial.  Even though the lights looked the same, she assumed they were an upgrade before this new friend of theirs moved in.

“I’m telling you,” her friend insisted, “go home and check it out.  They’re the same.”

My friend argued a bit more but decided to investigate when she went home.  “The lights are adjustable!” she exclaimed.  “Not only are the lights adjustable, but the bar they’re on is also adjustable.  I now have light where my computer is, light in the living room, and light over my kitchen sink.  Do you know that we’ve been washing dishes in the dark for over two years because I didn’t know that the lights were adjustable?!”

We laughed together.  How is it that things in life seem so dark sometimes?  Because of:

Grime.  I didn’t realize how dark my house was because it came little by little due to dust/dirt.  If it had happened over night, I would have been alarmed.  But it happened day by day, season by season.  What is it that we are letting into our lives that is causing darkness?  That is slowly eroding us spiritually and perhaps in all other ways?

I had an opportunity recently to go on a paid overnight bus trip out of state.  All I had to do was provide money for meals, and even one of them were paid for.  Part of the deal when we got there was, if it was a person’s first time in the establishment, they got an extra $15 food credit.  I watched as one woman squirmed in front of the man processing her.

“Have you been here before?” he asked.

She didn’t answer him but seemed to fumble with something in her purse.

“Ma’am, have you been here before today?”

She looked to the side at whom I assume were her traveling companions, or perhaps relatives.

“Ma’am, is this your first time here with us?” he repeated.

I was frustrated with her and I wasn’t even processing her.  I said to the relative I was traveling with: “I’m sure they can easily go back in their records and see if a person has been here before or not.  Is lying for a $15 food credit worth losing your soul?”

The thought jarred even me.  How many times have I lied and even for less?  How many times have my eyes lingered too long where they shouldn’t?  How many times has my tongue tripped down avenues of gossip?  How many times has unforgiveness or bitterness penetrated my heart?  How many times have wrong thoughts flooded my mind and I not only did not put them out, I let them set up camp?

“Come on, LORD, I’m trying to be pious here.  I’m talking about that woman squirming in what definitely appears to be a lie!”  I was beginning to squirm myself.

“We’re not talking about her,” He said.  “I’m talking about you.”


Aw, why did I have to hear the LORD so clearly?  Really?  He surely knows how to burst my self-righteous bubble.

person washing his hand
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Let’s clean off the grime, people.  If things are a little dim, see if there’s something that needs to be cleaned.  Sin must go.  All of it.  Granted, it may go by degrees.  I find that’s the usual process of things, but let’s at least be willing to let the LORD scrub us. 

Things aren’t always dark due to grime, though.  Sometimes it’s due to:

Ignorance.  My friend had all the light she needed but she didn’t understand how to use it.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  Hosea 4:6  NKJV

My friend’s whole family was “in the dark” because the light wasn’t being properly used.  If we don’t rightly divide the Truth, or apply what God has given to us using His understanding and wisdom, we may not only suffer, but those we love and the people around us may suffer.  Lack of knowledge has serious implications.  Ignorance is not bliss.  It can bring literal destruction.

Let’s ask God if He has given insight to us but we aren’t understanding or using it properly.  We may already have the answer, we just don’t know it.  Turn on the Light.  We have a loving Father.  He loves us even in our dirt and ignorance, but He loves us too much to let us there.  And thank God Almighty that is the case.

Are you brave enough to join me today and ask God to light up our lives with Holy Spirit’s searchlight?  That is the only answer to our dirt and ignorance.  The clean and the revelation that come will certainly be worth the time and effort.

May this song and scripture be our prayer.

Search me, O God, and know my heart;

Try me, and know my anxieties;

And see if there is any wicked way in me,

And lead me in the way everlasting.   

Psalm 139:23-24  NKJV


brown wooden planks
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Our twins are doing an intensive art history unit study this year.  My youngest complains that she can’t concentrate on her work because she’s fascinated watching her sisters do theirs.  After Laura and Beth do the artist’s study, they move on to their assignment, one of which is an art project.  I have been enjoying seeing their creations immensely and, sometimes like Rachel, catch myself watching them in their progress.

They learned about the Salon, a place in France that hosted art exhibitions beginning in 1667.  I had read that between 1748 and 1890 it was the greatest art event in the Western world.  I was especially intrigued when the girls discovered that the Salon jury could make or break artists.  A rejected piece of art was literally stamped “rejected” on the back.  Imagine the impossible task of trying to sell something stamped “rejected”.  Imagine trying to establish yourself as an artist in France once that judgment was passed.  This tidbit gave me pause to think about rejection of our talents and of ourselves as human beings.

Some time ago, I read an interesting thought about a line in the LORD’s prayer, “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil….”.  We  have all been created with a purpose.  I believe this verse pertains most to those who know what their purpose is but are unwilling to give themselves time to mature and cultivate their gift.  This is a prayer that we will not be tempted to “arrive” ahead of time thereby incurring evil.

I’m going to tell you a minister’s story.  Well, at least what I remember of it.  He was praying over people in a prayer line and skipped a man.  The man moved down the line and I can’t remember if the minister intentionally skipped him again or not, but he most definitely skipped him at least that once.  The attendee would not to be ignored.  He insisted the minister pray for him.  The minister didn’t want to, saying,

“You have a call on your life but you’re not ready.”

The man was adamant that he receive prayer.  He was ready NOW.  If I properly recall, the minister prayed.  The young man was launched into ministry, greatly due to his own force.  He burned fast and hot.  And out.  Last the minister heard, the young man wasn’t in ministry anymore and quite possibly wasn’t even serving the LORD anymore.  If we cave to the temptation to get ahead of God, we may fall into evil.  That being said, there may be times when it looks like rejection, in fact, it may be all out rejection, but not in God’s economy.  In His way of thinking, it is protection. 

Being a writer, I’m going to look at this from an author’s perspective.  How many times can a poem, a manuscript, a sentiment for a card, etc., be rejected?  Many!  I’ve got the rejection letters to prove it.  This devotion clarified a lot for me.  What looks like rejection is protectionWhat if the manuscript would go on to film?  What if the sentiment would be one that manufacturers would want to use over and over again?  And what if that notoriety came too soon, before the maturity of me, the author?  I’m not saying we mature and never learn anything ever again.  I’m saying we must reach a place in our lives that our character is such, that we realize our need for Christ to sustain us in times of failure as much as, and perhaps even more so, in times of success.

As long as the rejection comes, we hone our skills and persist.  We continue to battle and we are alert.  But face it, in times of acceptance and accolades, we tend to drop our defenses.  Or worse, become prideful and believe our achievements are due to our own merit.  The LORD warned the Israelites numerous times not to forget Him when they entered the Promised Land, when they ate and were full, when they built fine houses and settled into them.  They were to remember and not believe their wealth was the making of their own power and strength lest destruction come upon them.  Serious, weighty stuff that is still applicable today.

When I was younger, I had the misconception that friends were friends forever.  I then began to see many of my friendships tested when I entered my teenage years…and probably just as many dissolved through those tender years and into early adulthood.  That put really big dents in my forever friends theory.  It used to crush me when people would enter my life and then leave.

Now, as an adult, I see life for what it is concerning most relationships: a revolving door.  Wisdom came with age and people exiting my life hurt less and less as I realized that people are tools in God’s hands.  Myself included.  We are positioned in each others lives for a season(s).  When done properly, relationships can be fertile soil for sweet sharing of ideas, talents, ministry, experiences, etc., even if only for a small amount of time.  We all have something to offer, something to help someone on their way to their purpose and vice versa.  We can even learn from people we wish we’d never met!  (It’s called learning how not to behave 🙂 ).

Whether the pain is due to a perceived fractured relationship or another failed attempt, chin up!  This is not rejection, this is protection.  Our skills and our characters are being tested and sharpened.  Much of how we handle “rejection” today determines our success for tomorrow.  Please believe me, God does truly desire that we succeed and fulfill all that He has planned for us.

Join me today in trusting God with our relationships and our purpose.  It’s hard, I know, but let’s relinquish control to Him.  Give Him Time.  Allow Him to bring the right people into our life at the right time and, if required, let them go when it is time.  And when we succeed, when we come into the land He has called us, remember, it is He who gave us the power and the strength to get there.

I leave you with “Your Time Will Come” (and a scripture verse).  I love the melding of voices, instruments, and the lyrics of this song!  I hope you find it as inspiring as I do.

For He says:

“In an acceptable time I have heard you,

And in the day of salvation I have helped you.”

Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation. 

2 Corinthians 6:2 NKJV

Dream Again

white dandelion flower
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If you blow all the seed off a dandelion in a single breath, your wish will come true, so they say.  I’ve also heard that if you can catch dandelion fuzz mid-air, make a wish, and then release it, your wish will come true.  Blow out all the candles on the birthday cake in one breath, your wish will come true.  Throw a coin in a wishing well/fountain and speak your wish aloud–it will come true.  Then, of course, the infamous:

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.

I confess to having done all of these.  The floating dandelion fuzz has taken precedence now that I’m an adult because I find it more challenging.  The greater the challenge, the more successful the wish.  Okay, I’m kidding.  Sort of.  I don’t put much stock in the “wishing games”, but I do still participate.  Sometimes it feels good to me to put an act behind my wish rather than keep it to myself.  I find if fulfilling to catch crazily spinning dandelion fuzz in midair, make my wish, then release it back to the wind, back to God.  Why not?  I’ve done something.  I’ve acted on my belief that God hears and I trust that He will answer, no matter how silly it seems.

One of my dear friends of decades–gosh, that looks like a long time on paper–just celebrated a birthday.  I usually send her a card exalting friendship and its infinitesimal value, but this year I felt a different message was in order.  This year I’ve been mulling a lot of stuff over.  My ruminations spilled over onto my birthday wishes for her.  The card I chose was shimmery with a dandelion on the outside.  Plain, but pretty.  On the inside, the gist of the message: Just believe.  My personal note to her went something like this:

“Maybe it’s due to age, maybe it’s due to time, but it seems to me dreams sometimes get buried and may even feel like they’re dead.  This year, revisit your hopes, your dreams, and your wishes, and dare to believe that with God they will come true.  May this year be the fulfillment of what you’ve hoped for for so very long.”

Within a couple of days of sending that card, I was reading a letter from a minister and you’ll never guess what his topic was.  Pick up your dream again.  Confirmation.  Ain’t that something how that works?

That leads me to the crux of today’s post:

First: Remember.  Remember what God has said.  The LORD has directed me to return to my journals and collect the words He has spoken to me.  I’ve recently heard of others who have been directed to do the same.

What secret joy has been locked away so long in your heart that you fear it has died?  It isn’t dead, you know.  Think.  Your adulthood may be a nightmare.  In fact, much of your childhood may have been a nightmare.  But there is something there.  There is a memory of something that was spoken to you or something that you did that you return to that makes you smile.

My memory is when I was 5-ish.  I sat on bulky, stone steps and belted out “Jesus Loves Me” for the entire neighborhood and anyone traveling through it to hear.  I also scooped clay out of the little stream behind our rented trailer and shaped it for what felt like hours.  And swinging!  I loved to swing.  I aimed my feet for the sun and tried to touch it.  The heights I achieved freaked an elementary school teacher of mine out pretty good and all right.

Your memory may be like looking through a fog, but it’s there, and every time you consider it, it brings you joy.  Ask the LORD to bring clarity.  He will.  That is the moment, that is the place, when His presence was tangible to you.  In that moment you experienced a bit of Heaven on earth.  He wants to take you there again.  He wants you to live in that place, in His presence, His peace and joy, here on earth.  It is possible, you know.

Sing to him; yes, sing his praises.
Tell everyone about his wonderful deeds.
Exult in his holy name;
rejoice, you who worship the Lord.
Search for the Lord and for his strength;
continually seek him.
Remember the wonders he has performed,
his miracles, and the rulings he has given…  1 Chronicles 16:9-12  NLT


Second, and this is going to sound totally contradictory to the first: Forget.

But forget all that—
it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.
For I am about to do something new.
See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?
I will make a pathway through the wilderness.
I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.   Isaiah 43:18-19  NLT


Forget what?  Forget the words of the father who said you’d never amount to anything.  Forget the words of the mother who said she wished you’d never been born. Forget the words of the former teacher who said you’d never succeed.  Forget the words of the ex who said you weren’t worthy of love.  Forget the words of the doctor who said you’d never be healed much less be whole.  Forget the words of the clergy who said poverty is a virtue.  Forget the life you lived when the words and actions of those around you broke your heart and crushed your spirit.  In Christ, all things can be made new.  In Christ.  Not religion, not some fantasy god, in Christ alone.

Third: Believe.  Believe what Jesus says.

The Spirit alone gives eternal life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words I have spoken to you are spirit and life.  John 6:63  NLT

“What do you mean, ‘If I can’?” Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.
Mark 9:23  NLT

The very words Jesus spoke are spirit and life.  But we must believe.  And we haven’t a clue what to believe if we aren’t listening to Holy Spirit’s voice and reading God’s Word.  How bad do we want life?  I myself want to be a vessel and a conduit of life.

Join me today in: Remembering.  Forgetting.  Believing.

Let’s pick up those long gone hopes and broken dreams.  God is breaking the shackles of the past from off of us and doing a new thing.  Let’s believe and receive with joy and let Him do His work.

This song is going to seem like it’s over, but it isn’t.  Enjoy as you listen to the end.


Boogers Beware

yellow paint brush on gray steel bucket
Photo by Francesco Paggiaro on Pexels.com

It was time to repaint the twins’ bedroom and replace the drab, flat paint with something more appealing and easier to clean.  We began the process of preparation, which I consider the worst part of painting: shoving furniture, taping off borders and window frames, etc.  Blah!  It was while we were wiping down walls that I came across a portion of wall that my cleaning rag snagged on.  I rubbed and rubbed but the particles were in-penetrable.

Frustrated, I asked the young girls, “What is this?  Do you know what this is?”

They looked a little sheepish and nodded.


“It’s boogers.”


“Boogers.  We wiped them on the wall.”

“You wiped them on the wall?”

They nodded again.


They shrugged their slender shoulders.  “We don’t know.”

If boogers could be patented and sold as an adhesive we would be millionaires.

“Why bring up boogers, Christi?  It’s gross.”

Yes it is.  You should try scrubbing crusty ones off a wall.  Or better yet, challenge yourself not to puke when you see a kid pluck out a long, slimy snot and in one swift movement, pop it in his mouth.  Gives me the shivers just thinkin’ of it.

I bring up boogers in honor of “cold and flu season”–so named by the powers that be in the world in which we live and everyone who’s looking forward to cashing in on our being ill.

Recently, Laura and I were folding clothes when she says, “Mum, I need to tell you something.”

She said it in the tone that makes a mother’s heart sink into her belly.

I looked her in the eye.  “What?”

“I have a little sore throat.  I had it yesterday and thought maybe I slept with my mouth open and it’d go away.  But it didn’t.  I still have it.”

And so began the snowball of sneezing, coughing, sore throats, throbbing, stuffy heads, restless nights, etc.  We all fell like Dominoes–except for Bob.  I’m glad that he dodged the bullet.

Anyone who’s been reading my blog for any amount of time knows that I’m getting built up in the Word and pushing to break out of this world’s beliefs and things we automatically accept as true.  Like, giving our doctors all of our family’s history knowing full well that every physical affliction any relation of ours has ever had is going to be looked for in our own life…and we should expect to get their disease.  I don’t like that.  Jesus paid with His blood, His very life to deliver us from every curse, family oriented or otherwise.  This I say in the midst of nose blowing and coughing.  Ahem.

We have prayed.  Rebuked.  Anointed.  Took communion (and various herbs and cough syrups).  Made proclamations.  Etc., etc.  Anyone who’s been reading my blog for any amount of time would also know that it is usually at this point in the battle that I get a little frustrated because it isn’t over yet.  Not this time.

I’ve decided God’s Word is true.  It is His will to heal.  It’s bought and paid for.  And He can not lie.  Toying with unbelief has cost me too much.  Jesus said, “It is finished.”  Could I not believe Him?  Even when I stumble, could I at least approach Him like the loving father on behalf of his son and say, “LORD, I believe.  Help my unbelief”?

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God has given insight, some of which came from my mom in the form of a conversation she recently had with a friend.  Mum wants to look into it further, but it was about black spots on the mind.  You know, things we keep returning to mentally that we shouldn’t.  We girls had one of those.  Well, several.  But one in particular.  See, Laura was hesitant to tell me about the sore throat because of the awful ordeal we suffered almost exactly two years ago.

We had been camping, our last trip of the season as I recall.  Rachel had a cold.  I didn’t give it much thought at the time.  We all have colds.  They pass.  Right?  Wrong!  We all fell down, even Bob.  All of us were on antibiotic (which is a rare occasion in this house) and we girls, twice.  We tried everything.  I can’t tell you how many nights I heard creaking on the stairs only to find one of my girls awake, sitting on the couch, with tear-filled eyes.  She could not sleep because she couldn’t breathe or she couldn’t stop coughing.  On and on it went like this.  The sleepless nights did ease up but we still had symptoms as late as Easter.  Mind you, this began the September before.  Getting a cold now to us is like the equivalent of seeing a bee after being stung and having a terrible reaction.

That thought struck me.  I took out my anointing balm, the one that smells a bit like cloves or cinnamon and a little piece of Heaven.  I went into the twins’ bedroom and anointed all of us.  I prayed something like this: “We have this black spot on our minds, LORD.  Every time we’re sick we return to this place and fear and dread come up inside of us.  I’m asking You to take Your finger and stick it on the black spot and make it white.  Heal the memory of what we went through.  Banish discouragement and fill that place with hope.”  I envisioned that mentally.  (Perhaps you want to take a moment to do that now with a thought/memory that’s been plaguing you.)

While walking in the process of healing this time around, I’ve been saturating my mind with scriptures, testimonies, and Christian music.  A phrase that turned up twice in one day was: Focus on the LORD; not the problem, not the trial, not the suffering.  Focus on the LORD.  The last time I stomped around this mountain I couldn’t focus on anything but my kids’ suffering and how I could make it stop.  I was operating out of fear, not faith…and that’s probably an active war zone for most parents.  I had to come to the place of letting go.  I have done all I could do.  Do I trust God or don’t I?

I have gone on to life as normal to the best of my ability.  Various couples in our church are hosting small group ministries.  I’ve joined one that I am thoroughly enjoying and didn’t want to miss this week’s chapter.  I resigned myself to going no matter how I felt.

Laura asked, “Isn’t there something in the Bible about being healed as they go?”

“Yes.  It’s about the 10 lepers who cried out to Jesus and He told them to go show themselves to the priests and the Bible says they were healed while they went.”

“I pray that for you tonight.”

I took her hopeful prayer for me to heart.

I was glad Bob joined me that evening and drove because I felt awful.  My head ached, my throat hurt, and I felt overall awful.  I spoke very little.  Still, I enjoyed the class and hung on to Laura’s prayer.  I would not let defeating discouragement take root in me.  When we came home, I sat in my glider chair to decompress a bit before bed and simply pondered the evening’s events.

I don’t know how many times over the course of this whole trial I said, “I believe Your Word, LORD.  No matter what it looks like or what it sounds like, I believe Your Word.  I am healed.”  I also coveted the flowering faith of my daughter concerning me and did not want her to be disappointed.

The pressure in my head ceased.  My sinuses opened up.  I still felt a little funk in my throat but the searing pain was gone.  I didn’t take any cough syrup that night and went to bed rejoicing.  It was the best night’s sleep I had.

As I said before, this faith walk ain’t no cake walk but the preciousness of it is increasing inside of me.  What an adventure!

Join me today in taking God at His Word.  When everything gets melted down in the pot, His Word is the only thing that’s going to remain.  Let’s get as much of it into us as we can so we can withstand life when the heat is on.

In light of today’s topic, I leave you with one of our Veggie Tales favorites.  We watched a lot of Veggie Tales silly songs during the midnight hours 2 years ago.  Hope you enjoy it.


If you have something that will not stick, put a little booger to it 🙂 .

As the Scriptures say,

“People are like grass;
their beauty is like a flower in the field.
The grass withers and the flower fades.
But the word of the Lord remains forever.”  1 Peter 1:24-25  NLT

Be blessed with health!


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I was outside taking pictures one day but it was incredibly difficult to see the screen due to the blinding sun.  With my old 35 mm camera I could clearly see through the window all of the time.  But with my digital camera, it’s a crap shoot as to what’s going to show up.  I came inside, out of the sunlight, and began scrolling through the pictures I’d taken.  Some of them were awful.  Since a few of the pictures weren’t worth developing, choosing “erase” was a no-brainer.  In a matter of seconds the undesirable pictures were gone.  That’s when I thought again about my old 35 mm and the surprise pictures I found after development.  Some of those candid pictures turned out to be my favorites.  Some of them, however, truly were awful, especially the ones where I accidentally took a picture of one of my fingers 😦 .  Sometimes the choice to “erase” comes in handy.  Sometimes I wish that button existed in real life.  Or, do I?….

Years ago I happened upon the end of a movie that made me pause to wonder much about the decisions we make, regrets, etc.  The gist of the movie was a middle-aged woman goes back in time to when she became pregnant to her boyfriend (who she ended up marrying) right at the end of her high school years.  As her present life was in a whirlwind of heartache, changing those decisions from so long ago seemed a given…at first.  Perhaps what she hadn’t anticipated was newfound insight and hope for her relationship with her husband, who was at the source of much of her pain, and the realization that without their union, her children would not exist.

When the movie ended, I remember contemplating decisions I had made and experiences I have had as a young, single woman, then as a wife, and finally as a mother.  What choices would I change?  What memories would I erase?  Or, like the main character in the movie, would I let all be as it was?

I felt the LORD nudging me to share a dream with you.  Problem is, it was in a journal–of which I have dozens.  I knew I would find it post-marriage and child-bearing years but, short of that, I didn’t have a clue where to look.  And that was a lot of years to cover.

“Show me which journal, LORD.”

I got a picture in my mind and dug out that journal.  My world was tilted when it contained one of the bitterest memories I have as a young wife and mother.  Truth be told, I had trouble sleeping that night and cried the next day.  The memory didn’t slice me to the quick as it had in its origin, but it still created heartache all over again, only this time for different reasons.  Had I handled the situation the best way possible?  Was there anything I could have done differently Then?  And what kind of effect might it have on Now?

I browsed through another journal, one written nearly a decade later.  The one containing the dream.  I had been a “hot mess”, to coin a phrase.  Junk, cares of this life, were swirling all around me like a raging sea, threatening to take me under.  What’s really crazy is that at the same time I was enjoying an unbelievable outpouring of revelation.  I guess the enemy was working real hard to steal the revelation as soon as God was giving it to me.  I was receiving encouragement from anointed ministers but desired a personal word.

“LORD, speak to me.”  He gave me a dream.

I dreamed:

The moderator from our home school group of years ago gave me pictures to capture some of the memories our family made with the group–but it turned out to be so much more than that.

What she gave me was colorful and a little larger than an average postcard in size and weight.  It dropped down to reveal 4 connected panels.  While I gazed at the top picture, an incredible thing happened.  The picture came alive and played like a movie.  There were scenes of our 5 family celebrating at what looked like an Independence Day celebration at night, complete with fireworks.  It was beautiful.  There was a video of Bob, surrounded by the kids whenever he helped at the co-op.

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Every picture was different and morphed into short videos.  I saw me with the girls when they were babies and toddlers.

In one video, I was leaning over Rachel.  I was wearing a light pink, long-sleeved shirt with powder blue jeans.  My hair was down.  I looked so very young and pretty and…thin.  I got the impression that I was changing a diaper but there was no video of the soil.

Then I backed up to a window.  The sun was shining so bright.  I got closer and closer to the light until I looked like a celestial being.  My form was still there but I was totally illuminated.  The beauty of that particular frame amazed me.

I turned and tugged up the middle sash and climbed out of the ground floor window with the aid of some people outside from our home school group.  They were playing in a sandbox.  When I arrived, toddlers Laura and Beth immediately descended upon me, arms outstretched.  I fell within their reach, we were laughing….

That was one of the most beautiful dreams I have ever had.  I kind of liken it to stories I’ve heard of people who say their lives flashed before their eyes when they’ve had near death experiences.  My personal home movies dream recorded only the happiest times of my life.  And it showed me totally illuminated with sunlight.  I think it was God’s way of saying, “That’s how I see you, Christi.  Perfect and glorified.  Encased in Light, with only those things joy-filled surrounding you.”

At a time when most of my life felt like a mess, it was refreshing to have this dream.  I got a glimpse of what my Creator Father sees when He looks at me.  He sees no failure, sadness, or darkness, but perfection, joy, and light.  The same is true for you.  But will we believe it and live in it?

I’ve been people watching lately.  You know what I see?  A lot of broken people.  I can tell by the way they carry themselves, the way they interact with others, the way they speak about themselves and others.  Beth was reminding me recently about a girl they know who referred to herself as “trash” when speaking with their peers.  This bothered them so much that Laura decided she needed a God reminder as to who she is.  The next time “trash” exited her mouth Laura told her: “You are not ‘trash’.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”  The girl didn’t utter that again, at least not in their presence.

What grieves me the most is that this is in the church, the body of Christ.  It doesn’t take any imagination to see the reality of pain behind the eyes of believers.  We do experience pain.  After all, we are in this world.  But we are not to be of this world.  At some point and time we must figure out how to exit the world’s natural response to pain and begin operating in the supernatural.

While searching my journals for the dream I shared, I found where Beth had encountered a not-very-nice girl and declared, “And if she is mean to me again, I’ll show her!”

I couldn’t imagine what revenge lurked in the mind of a 5 year old.
“I’ll be nice and kind to her no matter how mean she is.  She’ll see!”

What an example of how to supernaturally handle pain.  I thought how pure and how child-like was the love of a 5 year old; her idea of revenge being unmerited kindness.  Remaining child-like, now that’s an unending challenge.  The hardness, cynicism, pain of life, and toil on the journey of healing take their toll.  Sadly, I’d venture to say that being an innocent 5 year old is a distant memory for many of us.

I guess that’s why it’s important to drop the notions of might’ve been, should’ve been, could’ve been, and all of those tangled, messy memories that cause us reason to question and regret.  So much unnecessary suffering.  Once the stuff has been dealt with, couldn’t we leave it with Jesus instead of insisting on remembering it and all of the pain accompanying it?  Wouldn’t it then be refreshing and gratifying to take out the pictures and movies that God gives to us?  We need reminded that He sees perfection, joy, and light and wants to fill us with hope.

Join me today in the Herculean effort of trusting God to make healing balm out of the painful goop in our lives.  A balm that will not only bring healing to us, but to everyone we touch as well.  Also, may we be able to find praise in the pain.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28 KJV


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I love my dad.  As a matter of fact, I’d go so far as to say that anyone that doesn’t like my dad has some kind of mental deficiency.  One of my closest friends, who knows my family well, agrees.  Is it because he is without his faults?  No…but don’t tell him that 🙂 .  One of the things that bothered me most growing up was how he handled emotional upsets: he laughed.

For instance, I had a cat named Stripes that followed me around like a dog.  Short of being able to bark, I think he thought he was one in the canine family.  He sprawled on the keyboard while I practiced my music lessons.  Mum let him in my room to greet me every morning.  If I wasn’t out of bed yet he’d wrap his body around my head like a pair of ear muffs and purred until my eardrums vibrated.  Wherever I was, there one would normally find him.  Then came the morning that Stripes did not come.  He would never come again.  My dad scooped him up and buried him before I saw his demise but this is how my dad handled it: “There was Stripes on the road this morning.”  I can smile now but I found it highly disconcerting at the time.  Being an adult, and having a husband of my own now, I guess I understand better why Dad handled many of the hard things of life with jokes, teasing, and laughter.  I honestly wonder if serious conversation was modeled to him in his own life.  I wonder if men in general are equipped to handle life’s heartbreaks for themselves let alone those around them.  

My dad was my hero.  And in many ways, he still is.  I remember the evenings we spent counting out the hits we exchanged while swatting a birdie back and forth in the front yard playing badminton.  When I needed a chocolate fix, we hopped in his pickup truck and he took me to the little local restaurant where I had my choice candy bar.  In retrospect, I think he took me for his own sake as well as mine– a young woman needing chocolate can be quite contentious.  He attended my chorus concerts.  He verbally blessed me (and my brother).  He was welcoming.  It was not unusual for us to link arms when we were out shopping.  Though he was a terrible pick–often leaving me to cry, “Mum, make him stop!”–I loved him and knew that he loved me.

My dad has given me many wonderful and memorable gifts over the years.  But the ones I consider most precious are those which are priceless.  Dad gave me his time.  Our home had a lot of laughter that was enhanced with his mining tales that began, “There I was…”  One of the most cherished gifts he gave me is tears.  My dad has unashamedly cried in worship, in prayer, and in repentance in front of me.  Even though he may not have initiated “deep” conversations, I didn’t doubt that I could go to him and trust him with my heart because he made himself totally transparent in his tears.  Our society today has done a great disservice to men and everyone in their circle by the stigma that a man who cries is weak.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Men who are willing to pull back the veil and cry, and let others witness it, are the strongest men out there.

Jesus wept.  John 11:35  KJV

“Oh, that’s just Jesus,” some say.  “He was weak.”

No, He was meek.  Meekness is power under control.  There’s a vast difference between weakness and meekness.

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I don’t know too many men who would voluntarily suffer rejection and humiliation for ungrateful people.  I don’t know any who could endure beard plucking, hair pulling, spit in the face, punches to the body, 39 lashes with a whip that most likely contained pieces of bone, shards of pottery, etc., a crown with at least inch thorns pressed into his skull, and spikes driven into the hands and feet.  Now that is a strong Man.  And that strong Man wept.  He walked in gentleness.  He forgave.  He loved to the tune of His own selfless pain.

Jesus, the Son, was the true image of God, the Father.  God gave everything, everything, so that He could be our Father.  He gave His perfect, beloved Son so that we could be adopted as children.  What are we doing with His great grace?  Ignoring it.  Wallowing in our own wounds and our own pain instead of taking it to the only One who can do anything about it.  It cost God everything so that we could crawl into His lap and get rid of all the sin, shame, disappointment, unmet expectations, festering wounds– everything and anything that would hinder us, but we won’t do it.  It has been my observation that men in particularly won’t yield because it’s a “sign of weakness”.  No, seeking help, leaning into God the Father, is one of the greatest appeals to strength that there is.  To not know God as Father is to never truly know who we are.  If we don’t know who we are, we will not know where we are going.  If we don’t know where we are going, we will never arrive.  

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We had been outside playing in our big back yard.  Our then 2 1/2- 3 year old twins were adorable in their jackets and matching black fleece “Amish” hats.  It was cold and time to come in.  I brought up the rear, following with my camera, and snapped one of my favorite pictures.  My 6’3″ husband had a girl, one tiny hand clasped by one of his “bear paws” on either side of him.  They were dwarfed by him, but they were safe in his hands.  Nothing or no one would dare harm one of his little girls while they were at his side.  What a picture of total safety and trust.  And love.

Many of us have the understanding that Jesus cried out, “My God! My God! Why have You forsaken Me?” because God could not look on Him in our sins that He took upon Himself.  This may be so.  But I heard another take.  God could not look on Jesus in that moment because if He did He would have removed Jesus from the cross and wiped out mankind because of what we’d done to His only begotten Son.  But He didn’t do it.  Why?  Because He loves us.  You.  Me.  But we won’t receive it.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe, like me, you had a great dad but you have trouble receiving the love of God because you feel undeserving.  Maybe you have issues with your earthly father that prevents you.  Maybe their failings, their abuse, their being absent emotionally/physically has distorted your view of what heavenly Father looks like.  Then it’s our duty, all of us, to find out who He really is.

Think about the ramifications of not humbling ourselves before God.  Think of the effects on our lives.  If we’re not willing to approach Father God with this prayer for ourselves, couldn’t we at least do it for the sake of those broken around us?

“Dear God, my father here didn’t look like You, not much if at all.  But I want to know You, the true You.  I need a dad who really loves me for who I am, my junk and all.  I need somebody to be in my corner.  I need somebody to tell me that they’re proud of me.  I need somebody who actually believes that I have a future and it is a good one.  I need hope.  I need love.  I need forgiveness.  I need to be made whole.  I need to be a light to those around me.  And I need Someone to teach me how.  Will You do this for me?  Please be my dad.  Show me who You are so that I know who I am.  Lead me where You will.  In Jesus’ name, thank You.  Amen.”

Before you uttered His name, your heavenly Father was off the throne (in the form of the Holy Spirit), racing to you with open arms.  All He ever wanted was you, just as you are.  All He ever wanted was to be believed and accepted and loved.  When will we give Him what He wants, so that He can fill us with all of the good things that we want, that He desires for us?  We were made for so much more.  When will we realize this and walk in it?

Join me today in going to God as Father while it is still light.  There is a day approaching when darkness will be upon all the land.  I beg of you, don’t wait until that day to seek Him.



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They killed it.  The big, picture-perfect maple in my neighbor’s front yard was sawed off to a 6 foot stump.  I thought, “You have got to be kidding me!  A gorgeous tree like that and you go and destroy it.  For what?”

Our great old oak with its gnarly looking bark and some dead branches gets more respect than that beautiful maple.  We are doing what we can to see that the oak goes by way of nature or it doesn’t go at all.  That’s how much we respect and appreciate our tree.  I feel the same about our huge black walnut tree.  We see creation for what it is: a marvelous gift from a loving, benevolent, infinite Creator Father who appointed us as caretakers.  Looking at that flat-topped, bleak stump in my neighbor’s front yard made me feel a little sick and a lot sad.

Fast forward.  I was admiring my neighbor’s tree yesterday.  I do that often.  The story I told you happened years ago.  I thought they killed the tree, but they didn’t.  It grew back in record time.  I couldn’t believe it.  It’s grown to be as big and beautiful as it was before it was chopped.  It remains picture-perfect and gorgeous.  Maybe even more so to me now that I know what it went through.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about broken people and things that look hopeless.  That stump of a tree is a picture of how I feel about some circumstances I’ve run up against in my own life.  I find that I’ve been grieving for things that I desperately longed for that haven’t come to pass, things that look like they’ve been chopped off.  At times I have limped through life without having quite the beauty of the types of relationships and the things that I dreamed of.  And hope….I guess I’m in a battle between two pictures in my mind: the sawed off stump and the big, gorgeous tree.

The vision of the sawed off stump kind of makes me feel like this clip from my all-time favorite movie, The Princess Bride.


The picture of the restored tree is much like a scripture I revisited today.  I love how this passage is written under the title of “Seven Blessings”.

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Joel 2:23.  You children of Zion, rejoice exuberantly!  Rejoice in the LORD your God!  For He has given you the Teacher of acts of loving kindness and 1 the Teacher will cause the rain to come down for you, the former rain and the latter rain as at the first.  (Double Blessing)  24. 2  And the floors will be full of wheat and the vats will overflow with wine and oil. (Abundance) 25. 3  And I shall restore to you the years that the locust, the canker worm, the caterpillar, and the palmer worm have eaten, (Restoration) My great army which I sent among you.  26. 4  And you will eat in plenty and be satisfied, (Never a Lack) and praise the name of the LORD your God, Who has dealt wondrously with you, (Miracles) and My people will never be ashamed.  (Respect)  27.  And you will know that I AM in the midst of Israel, (Divine Presence) and I AM the LORD your God, and no one else is, and My people will never be ashamed.    Joel 2:23-27  ~The One New Man Bible 

I read this and I think, How, LORD?  How do you restore the stolen innocence of a child?  How do you restore the love between husbands and wives who have caused each other so much pain?  How do You restore the faith of someone who lost a loved one prematurely?  How, LORD?  How do You take shattered hearts, and splintered hopes, and broken dreams, and make them whole?  How do You restore years?  That one there is a total mystery to me.

Actually, it’s all a mystery.  But I recognize some steps I can take to prepare for the process of restoration, something I look forward to experiencing.

  1. Walk in forgiveness.
  2. Continue to love even when I feel it’s impossible.
  3.  Fight for faith when I feel all faith is gone.
  4. Speak the Truth despite what I feel and see.
  5. Wait.

Those are my responsibilities.  The how isn’t up to me.  I’m glad it isn’t because I’d screw it up.  Not to mention, I kind of look forward to seeing how God is going to do this.  How Look around at the splendor, beauty, and diversity of His creation.  He is a God who definitely thinks outside of the box.  If He can do wonders with trees, what will He do for me?  For you?  For we are the crown of His creation. 

I humbly come to you today, Dear Heart, and tell you that I have been facing the death of so many dreams recently.  Despite the pain of this grief, I choose to believe.  I continue because of His Word, because He who promised can not lie.  I continue to cry out to Him, to lay my brokenness at His feet, because He alone can restore.

Join me today in faith believing that the battles that are ripping our guts out now will bring great glory to Jesus as we triumph over them later.  We are not meant to live in brokenness, Beloved.  We are meant for so much more.  We were made to be whole.  I’m so glad He’s not done, I have much more living and loving to do.  And so do you.

To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for his own glory.  Isaiah 61:3  NLT

A “Wenting” We Will Go

brown and black mountains at golden hour
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Years ago, I had a wart on the bottom of my foot.  The wart itself didn’t cause me an unbearable amount of pain, but it didn’t feel good, either.  I wanted it removed and was willing to do what was necessary despite the harsh nature of the cure.

Every night I religiously soaked my foot in warm water and used a sanitized safety pin to dig at the wart until it hurt too much to dig anymore.  It irritated me, I was irritating it.  I don’t remember how long this went on but I still remember the pain.  I faithfully dug hoping that every night would bring healing.  When I reached the point of squeezing my eyes shut or my jaw ached from clenching it, I put away the pin and ended that night’s session of self-inflicting pain.  Then, lo and behold, one evening I saw a little thing that looked like a broken splinter.  I dug it out along with white flesh and marveled at how tiny it was, this root that caused my grief.  My foot remained a little tender due to all of my digging, but it healed relatively fast and there was an immediate amount of relief simply because the root was gone.  Thank the good LORD, the wart never did come back.

This is the story that came to mind when Mum told me she thought she knew what I was doing.

Mum says to me several weeks ago rather cheerily, “I think I found out what you’re going through–you’re ‘wenting’!”

She has a book she’s been reading forever, (I think avid readers and the studious all have at least one “forever” book), called  A Cry for Miracles by Lindsay Roberts.  When she picked it up this time it was about Lindsay and her battle of faith concerning the healing of her gall bladder.  Boy, was it a battle!  Finally, her father-in-law basically says to her, “I think I’ve got some insight for you.  I think you’re wenting.”

Even before Mum explained I had an inkling.  Here’s the verse that it’s based on:

 As he entered a village there, ten men with leprosy stood at a distance,  crying out, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!”

 He looked at them and said, “Go show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were cleansed of their leprosy.  Luke 17:12-14  NLT

green leaf plant
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Later, Lindsay was given a powerful word from the LORD in a make-up  room.  Lindsay was about to testify to a healing she definitely did not feel, wondering how she was going to get through it, when a young girl spoke to her.  She said the disease was cut off at the root but there were still green leaves, a little life left that satan could try to use to cause her to doubt God’s word and His touch pertaining to the healing of her gall bladder.  The thing could be nursed back to life by Lindsay’s words if she received the doubt, but it was dead and it would remain so if she maintained her faith.  What an extraordinary revelation!

The word Lindsay received was reminiscent of my day on the trampoline, looking at the remnants of the poison ivy.  I knew I heard the LORD.  I knew I was healed.  So why was I still looking at such ugly skin?  Because the war in my body was over but healing takes time.

I was encouraged…then satan immediately came to steal this liberating word.  I fretted, wondering if I’d given life to remaining green leaves on dead plants.  Just as immediately, Holy Spirit reminded me of a little heart-shaped plaque I have that simply reads: What God reveals, He heals.  Every time I read it, it reminds me that He reveals what I need when I need it.  These words of “wenting” and green leaves are in perfect time.  I have not harmed myself.  I must trust that He protects me until He brings revelation and I can receive it and guard it.  Then His words become part of my fabric and give me the strength to continue to believe until I see the manifestation of that which I’ve held onto for such a long time.

So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.  Romans 8:1  NLT

We have been going through so much lately, but the point is, we’re going through.  “Wenting” can be a lot like digging at that wart.  It physically hurt!  But it had to come out.  With discipline, consistence, determination, and sheer grit, I met that end goal, I plucked out that root.  I immediately had relief and in a couple of days one would have never known the suffering my poor foot endured.  Freedom from that wart was not an illusion, it was a reality.  But I had to persevere through a painful process to see that reality.

That’s how faith is.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11:1

I didn’t see the root, not until it surfaced.  But I believed it was there and knew it had to come out if I wanted to be healed.  So as painful as it was, I persisted.  Belief, and living out that belief, can be very difficult, but that’s the only way to bring to fruition the promised word.

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In 1 Samuel, Chapter 16, David was anointed by Prophet Samuel to be king of Israel.  It didn’t happen right away, though.  As a matter of fact, he wasn’t anointed king of all of Israel until 2 Samuel, Chapter 5.  Here’s the highlights of what happened until then:  He appeased an angry King Saul with his harp.  He went back to the fields and killed a lion and a bear who came to destroy his sheep.  He fought and killed a giant named Goliath.  He hid out in caves while being hunted down like an animal by an envious King Saul.  His merry band of men threatened to kill him when they returned to find their city burned and their families taken captive.  This was his “wenting” from the field to the throne.

Some of our lessons are absolutely necessary to position us for our destiny.

Some, well, aren’t.  They’re a product of our own doing.  The Israelites weren’t supposed to circle the mountain for 40 years.  The journey from Egypt to the Promised Land would have been 11 days.  But instead of digging out the bad roots, such as doubt, complaining, forgetting God’s goodness and coming against those who believed, they circled and circled and circled until all of the doubters, whiners, and naysayers died.  That’s not exactly the way I want my story to be written.  How ’bout you?

Amazingly, I’m finding greater veins of joy and peace in the process of “wenting”.  The things of God are becoming rooted deeper and deeper even as He tears up the roots of the things that don’t belong.  Although this process can be incredibly painful, I’m excited to see the end result.

Like David, God desires to take us from the back fields and seat us on the thrones in the kingdoms of His choosing, those places He has hand-picked that we may fulfill the plan and purpose He has for us.  Are we willing to “went” like David did?  Are we willing to face the lion, the giant, the envious reigning king, and those closest to us who turn on us?  Are we willing to let Him remove the roots that would prevent us from our Promised Land?  Will we remain steadfast in what He has called us to do, forsaking all, so that we can live in the peace of being in His perfect will?  Tough questions indeed.  Questions that beg to be answered.

Join me today as we consider the before mentioned questions.  And let’s seek direction and discernment concerning root digging and “wenting”.  I don’t know about you, but I do not wish to “went” any longer than necessary.

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Remember: As counter-intuitive as it seems, praise is key while digging and “wenting”.

Let’s raise a sacrificial HALLELUJAH while He sees us through the process.



God bless you in your “wenting”.