Pot Luck

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We are celebrating our 1st birthday!

Thanks to all of you who follow God’s Word Girl.  It is my sincere prayer that through our year’s journey together you have been blessed, challenged, taught, amused, and increased in the revelation of God’s love and what He has for you.  I know I have.  I especially thank those of you who have written comments of encouragement.  (Email subscribers, if you cannot view your comments and/or my replies and want to, they can be seen on the site.)

In honor of this special occasion, I offer my thanks to you in the form of a bit of creative writing.  The idea came from bracelets that Laura and Beth made with Mum for craft shows.  They strung miscellaneous, leftover beads on multiple strands and then twisted the strands together.  They’re so diverse, colorful and pretty.  (Directions as to how to make them can be googled under the title “soup bracelets” or “bead soup”.)  At my suggestion, Mum tagged their creations, “Pot Luck” and thus came the inspiration for this writing:

Pot Luck

Life can be a lot like pot luck.  We never know for sure who’s going to show or what dish they’re going to bring.

You may see the cousin you haven’t seen for a while, the one who’s much more like a brother.  Could be you’ll see your favorite auntie who spoiled you as kid and still lavishes you with love.  Perhaps you’ll see the uncle with the sense of humor that draws everyone like a bee to pollen.  It may be that we’ll find ourselves lost in conversation with a friend that we deem a sister.  Maybe we’ll find ourselves laughing at the antics of the kids, reveling in the sage wisdom of the aged, or (and we’ve all done it) avoided the annoying. 🙂

There are magical occasions when we meet someone for the very first time and we feel like we’ve known them our whole life long.  We just know that no matter the time or the distance, theirs will be the conversation that can be picked up no matter where let off.

Yes, life is a lot like Pot Luck.  We never know who’s going to show or what dish they’re going to bring.

lunch table
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Some dishes are tart or bitter, much like the hurting people we know.  There will be the bland, take-it-or-leave-it concoctions that resemble many of the mundane things in life that aren’t enjoyable but must be done.

There are the comfort foods, the ones that satisfy our palate as much as our hunger.  These are the foods we can have heaping servings of and still go back for seconds.  Then there are the sweet and the rich foods that melt in our mouths.  Every spoonful is to be savored.  These dishes are much like our dear ones with whom we create priceless memories.

People and dishes come and go and change over the course of time.  No one and nothing remains the same…except for God, “Who changes not”, the Great Host who invites us to, “Come and dine”.

Is life difficult despite Him?  Yes.  And yet He brings to the table the comfort foods, the sumptuous treats, and “life everlasting”.  Thanks be to Jesus Who came to offset all of the mundane and bitter things in life that would wear us down or crush us. Thanks be to Jesus that He left us Holy Spirit and all of His wonderful fruits!

The Pot Luck of life isn’t all pleasant, for sure, but God did promise to make all things work together for good for those who love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose.  Praise Him!

I’m so incredibly blessed to have you in this great big Pot Luck called Life.  You are to me a comfort and a sweet.  You are so very precious to me I’m so thankful for what you bring.

  ~Christi Marie


Join me today in thanking and singing praise to our benevolent Father for the family, friends, and the righteous leaders and teachers that are part of the Pot Luck of our lives.  God is good.

O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.  Psalm 136:1  KJV

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My husband and I married over 20 years ago on a chilly, rainy, spring day. One year later caught me in a whirlwind as I was celebrating my first wedding anniversary, my first Mother's Day, and my first publication as a freelance writer. The birth of our third child followed a couple months after we celebrated our twins' 3rd birthday. Though a pen has been one of my constant companions, I have not pursued writing professionally due to the monumental task of homemaking and the raising of children. A shout out to my Robert who has been our sole provider while I have had the pleasure and privilege of remaining home with our children to homeschool them. Now, thanks to him, I have the liberty to once again pursue my passion to write and encourage others in written word as we journey with God through life experiences.

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