Of Lit Butts and Such

Photo by Hui Huang on Pexels.com

The snow came hard and fast. It heaped up plenty in record time. I gazed out the window from my warm sanctuary and assessed the accumulation periodically. That’s when I discovered the casualty, my jolly, round yard ornament, face down in the snow with his butt lit. The snowman was reduced to nothing more than a snowy silhouette with a lighted derriere. I wanted to go out and stand him up but not bad enough to brave the elements. So, he lay prostrate the entirety of the night — and in the dark when our timer for the lights went off.

The girls and I went out to play in the snow the next day but it was actually too deep and heavy to enjoy. By and by we trudged over to the vehicles and did our best to unearth them. What a chore! It wasn’t until we had come in, peeled off our cumbersome outerwear, and light once again gave way to dark, that I looked out the window and realized that I hadn’t given the snowman a thought while we had been outside. Of course he was still face down; only this time I didn’t see a light . . . or much of a silhouette.

I was thinking that my once cheerful, lighted snowman could be a symbol for the year 2020. Who would have thought one year could hold so much fear, dread, and chaos? I never saw it coming. It’s almost enough to make a person feel like my snowman — laying face down in the cold, covered over, with the lights out. I said almost.

I haven’t been much inclined to buy the rot that the devil is trying to sell through lamestream media, misguided Christians, and full out haters of God. If anything, their unhinged accusations, attempts to bury the truth, and incomprehensible hypocrisy, have fueled my fire to believe even more fiercely that God is on the move. The devil doesn’t know what God is up to but I figure he’s certain sure He is up to something HUGE. Why else would he be trying so hard to discourage, distract, and destroy the remnant, the bride of Christ? Why else would he be raging so?

I don’t know how you’re doing. Could be that you feel like my outdoor snowman; prostrate, buried, and in the dark. If that’s so, stop it. That’s not especially easy for me to say. We’ve had covid. We’ve had financial strain. We’ve had loss. I still choose Jesus. I still choose to believe that He is able and willing.

The year 2020 was a great test. Did you make the grade? Is your faith still in tack? Luke 18:8 asks if the LORD will find faith on the earth when He comes. Will He? Will you be among those who still believe in God, hold on to His Word, and live righteously no matter how cold, stifling, or dark planet earth becomes? It is difficult to hold on sometimes. That’s when it’s most essential to remind ourselves that we’re not holding onto Him, Jesus is holding onto us. We also need to remember that with Holy Spirit inside of us we have complete access to warmth, freedom, and light. We can’t do anything on our own but all things are possible with God. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: God will have His way in the earth. Once His mind is set on something, He won’t be denied. Will you be one who will try to hinder and prevent Him? Or are you praying His will and speaking His Word to be done?

I’m imploring you today to return to faith if you’ve left it. You have that option. Remember the prodigal son?

I’m encouraging you to be still and simply stand if you feel like you can’t go on anymore. You’re not holding onto Him, God is holding onto you. Rest. He won’t let you go.

If you’ve been actively warring, keep up the good fight. You will not lose because you serve a God Who doesn’t know the meaning of failure.

The helpless infant Who came to us some 2000 years ago is alive and well and ruling the nations as King of Kings and LORD of Lords. I hope you believe it. I hope you know it.

Join me today in believing for a miraculous Christmas and a blessed beyond imagination New Year.

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My husband and I married over 20 years ago on a chilly, rainy, spring day. One year later caught me in a whirlwind as I was celebrating my first wedding anniversary, my first Mother's Day, and my first publication as a freelance writer. The birth of our third child followed a couple months after we celebrated our twins' 3rd birthday. Though a pen has been one of my constant companions, I have not pursued writing professionally due to the monumental task of homemaking and the raising of children. A shout out to my Robert who has been our sole provider while I have had the pleasure and privilege of remaining home with our children to homeschool them. Now, thanks to him, I have the liberty to once again pursue my passion to write and encourage others in written word as we journey with God through life experiences.

2 thoughts on “Of Lit Butts and Such”

  1. Amen! I too still choose Jesus! I believe He can, will and wants to! I want to take a minute to celebrate Jesus…He gives us renewed hope and cheer. I choose to take refuge in Him and rejoice. I will sing for joy because He is my strength and salvation! In His presence there is fullness of joy! Because of His humble arrival over 2000 years ago , I am able to experience the joy of His presence. He is worthy of all glory, honor, and praise!!! I still choose Jesus.!!!


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