To Hell and Back

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A couple of years ago we studied two of Larry Huch’s books with a small group.  One book was Free at Last–Breaking the Cycle of Family Curses.  If you desire an interesting read, and one that may give you insight as to why breakthrough seems so hard or next to impossible in your life, I highly recommend studying this book alongside Robert Henderson’s teachings on The Courts of Heaven.  They’ll cause brain sparks; good ones, but still, sparks.

One evening we were talking about keys based on the scripture in Revelation 1:18 where Jesus tells John that He has the keys of hell and of death.  A man in our small group told about how he and his wife were going through his mother’s possessions.  They found a drawer with a massive amount of keys in which they had no idea what any of them went to.  There may have been a key to a bank box with a fortune inside but they’d never know it because the keys weren’t marked.

Jesus, through His death and resurrection, has given us everything.  EVERYTHING.  But we’re not utilizing His gifts.  Worse, we’re not not passing on the things which we have gleaned to the next generation.  Need proof?  Look at the affairs of the United States of America.  No matter the arguments, ours is a nation founded on God and His Word.  Ours is a unique land.  It was dedicated to God and bought by the blood of diverse Believers whose faith carried them through many battles.  These Truths have not been passed down to the generations but have been successfully twisted, tainted, or omitted.  Why else would a generation prefer the god of socialism over the LORD of all when socialism has historically been proven to be a complete and utter failure?

The point is, we have been given keys, keys which unlock marvelous treasure or lock doors to merciless evil, and we are failing to pass them on.  Just like that couple, our young people are coming across keys that aren’t marked.  I have been learning of keys myself, keys that could help me and my family.  But few of us will ever know these keys because we are too lazy to seek out the Truths hidden in God’s Word.  Or, those of us who do know them may be unsuccessfully passing them down.

God hasn’t changed His mind about His gifts and His longing for us to have them.  It’s us.  We are in a sorry state because we have failed to learn and pass on the joy that the gifts bring and the knowledge of how to use them.  It’s our responsibility, not God’s.  He did everything He’s going to do by giving us Jesus.  Jesus took it to the grave and back.  For crying out loud, He took the keys of hell and death.  That’s it.  There’s nothing left.  Therefore, I beseech you to join me today in being proactive in passing on the keys which we possess and fervently searching God’s holy Word for new ones.

And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.  Matthew 16:19

Something to think about from the same woman who led our small group: satan doesn’t even have the keys to his own place.  Jesus does.

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My husband and I married over 20 years ago on a chilly, rainy, spring day. One year later caught me in a whirlwind as I was celebrating my first wedding anniversary, my first Mother's Day, and my first publication as a freelance writer. The birth of our third child followed a couple months after we celebrated our twins' 3rd birthday. Though a pen has been one of my constant companions, I have not pursued writing professionally due to the monumental task of homemaking and the raising of children. A shout out to my Robert who has been our sole provider while I have had the pleasure and privilege of remaining home with our children to homeschool them. Now, thanks to him, I have the liberty to once again pursue my passion to write and encourage others in written word as we journey with God through life experiences.

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